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I've just finished my freshman year at the University of Alabama and understand the stress on families as students go away to school.  Being my parents' last child to depart I saw my Mom and Dad go through the emotions of pride, sorrow and worry as the big day of departure got closer and closer.  The excitement of the move to Tuscaloosa was great and move in day went perfectly! (Move in Hack: Register for Camp 1831 -- you get to move in early!)  Within a few weeks we settled into our routines -- both parents and students -- and went about our business.  Some of my friends spoke to their parents often, some not so much.  But when "goodie boxes" arrived from home it lit up their world!   Brittany D Gifts was born out of this idea..... to produce a quality goodie box that Mom and Dad (or others) could send to their student early in the process and deliver "a little box of love from home."  Where others wait weeks to deliver, our boxes arrive  while the excitement is still big! 
 And we include items your student needs while on campus...some school spirit items for football games (key chain, crimson/white or orange/blue shaker), "our favorite" list of hangouts, restaurants, hair nail salons and more...  Things they need to "get in the groove" of Tuscaloosa or Auburn quickly and make the most of fall on campus! (It's THE most GLORIOUS SEASON of the year!)  Plus, you write a personal note to your student on our website and we print it on a high quality note card and insert into your student's box!   We do all this with over the top parent communication, great execution and the spirit that only a classmate can provide.  Give us a try!  We strive to over deliver on our promise to you and your student! Your purchase of a gift box from Brittany D supports the collegiate career of a deserving student (me!) and the search for a cure for childhood cancers, as we donate 10% of our earnings to Curing Kids Cancer (www.curingkidscancer.org).  Together we will find a cure! 


Brittany D

We proudly support the search for a cure.  Click the logo to see how you can support as well!
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